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Vesa Robertsson


Antti Saarni


Miika Petäjäniemi


The birth of Holda Technologies Oy

Holda was founded in april 2017 once the key founders discovered how stiff, slow and outdated the creation and maintenance of tenancy is. We noticed several things that could be modernized in the industry. Residency is one of the basic needs, affecting almost every individual person. We, as a company, seized this challenge passionately.

Tenancy involves a huge amount of manual, time consuming work that can be automatized and digitalized. With the help of Holda, you can create a digital leasing contract in real time, sign it and save all the important documents of the apartment digitally among other things. Our product acts as a bridge between the tenant and the landlord.

In entirety, our product is meant to make tenancy easier, faster and problem free for both sides, the tenant and the landlord. This product will be available as a Mobile application and Web application.

Our vision is to be the industry’s international and leading producer of advanced Fintech-service solutions in 2022.

We have ongoing pilot projects, and negotiations with possible new pilot projects and co-operation partners.

Our objective is to arrange a funding round between the end of 2017 and the start of 2018. Our short term mission is to expand to Nordic countries at the end of 2018.


The seven person team consists of three IT-industry professionals and four business and marketing experts. The whole team is united with the passion to develop applications which help the lives of people and companies.


Winner of the Batch 2017
Startup with most growth potential
Most innovative startup at Kiuas Accelerator